Leh-lo epitomizes the artist of the 21st century: both a gifted singer and talented songwriter, a bandleader, and a businessman, Leh-Lo's background is as diverse as his talents. Born in apartheid South Africa, then growing up in multi-cultural Canada, Leh-lo's musical sensibility was honed by the tension and unrest of his younger years
and the undeniable impact of North American culture and freedom. His first major project was with the band Joydrop. Their first single, the
Leh-lo penned 'Beautiful', was arguably the band's most successful song and was a hit in both the U.S. and Canada. The band went on to have 2 major label releases, 3 more hit singles, numerous film and TV placements, a Juno award nomination, and a Canadian Radio Music Award
in the best new group category.

After JoyDrop disbanded, Leh-lo started work on a solo project where he was not only the writer, but performer as well. Co-produced by Leh-lo and former Joydrop bassist Tom McKay, and mixed by Mark Plati (David Bowie), 'Zigzag' is a collection of timeless, melodic, and
superbly-crafted rock songs sung the way they were meant to be sung: by Leh-lo himself.
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