niki carmen









A real artist tends to be a work in progress. one that generally takes years to develop. Ergo the old dictum of paying one's dues. And that usually involves time. But every now and then, an artist comes along who defies such generalizations. They appear almost fully formed, mature beyond their years, with an almost prescient ability to touch your soul.

Niki Carmen is such an artist. Only 18 years old, she writes songs that bore themselves into your head and heart. Songs that speak of joy and sadness, loss and gain. There's a wistfulness to her music, a gentle melancholia that is at once timeless and yet eminently now. With a smoky, quirky, velvety voice that, oddly enough recalls no one as much as early Bob Dylan, Niki squarely falls into the singer-songwriter camp of Nick Drake and young Joni Mitchell.

Yet her unique outlook on life, love and relationships makes her profoundly current. A voice for a new generation? Time will tell. Niki's debut EP is out now with 7 songs. Contact us to get a copy. Her album will follow in early fall of 2009 in a limited collector's edition and a general the mean time here are some mixes of the EP. Enjoy!....