An accomplished singer, songwriter and musician, Joni harks back to an era of great melodies, deep grooves, and meaningful lyrics.  Call it 'old-skool' if you will. But in the ingenious, effortless way that she blends those time-honored qualities with a piercing modern sensibility and musicianship makes her totally new and fresh.

Her music is infused with the swirling, bubbling, mish-mash of culture that defines her home-town of Toronto. Jazz, reggae, soul, and funk are the key elements that make up her music.  But unlike other artists, Joni stirs those elements with a strong ladle of pop sensibility. From the beautiful sentiments of 'Star', to the good time reggae groove of 'The Way of the World', her music is infectious and hook-ridden.  In that, she's reminiscent of  Chaka Khan, Womack and Womack, or the great unsung Laura Nyro. 

And like those artists, Joni's songs will not leave you untouched. Whether they'll make you smile, laugh, reminisce, reflect, or just sing and dance, her music will work its way into your conciousness. Unforced and natural, she’ll invite you in with her honesty and emotion.  

'A Fine Time' is a solid debut and one that puts Joni in the forefront of a new wave of gifted urban artists that are starting to make their mark on the world.  

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